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CNC Machining Plastic

When starting a new plastic injection moulding project, plastic prototype parts ensure a product's design is sound. For most plastic parts, a CNC machined prototype will provide exactly what is needed for testing. CNC machining allows you to test the form, fit and function of injection moulded parts without having to produce injection mould tooling. The CNC machining process is ideal if you need between 1–100 pieces, so it may be the most cost-effective route for your budget.

Our multi-axis, high-speed CNC milling machines can produce highly complex CNC parts and CNC prototype parts quickly – CNC prototype parts can be at your doorstep within just a couple of days. There are no size limitations on CNC machined plastic parts, and they can be painted to any color.  Only high-quality plastic resins go into the CNC plastic prototype parts.Whether your machined CNC prototype parts are for testing, or for finished CNC plastic parts for customers, our CNC plastic machining is an affordable option for your CNC plastic parts.

Quality is the cornerstone of our success. Our belief that quality comes first is affirmed by our commitment of engineering resources to our Quality Department. Our highly-trained QC staff ensures quality by painstakingly reviewing designs and certifying raw materials. We perform dimensional and appearance checks, then document all results in a QC report. We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Very fast turnaround time for most
CNC plastic parts & CNC prototype parts 
Various surface finishes available 
Threads and undercuts 
Very tight tolerances 
No size limitations 
Value-added services available:
painting, pad printing, silk screening and more

CNC Plastic Material:

PC (Polycarbonate) 
POM (Delrin) 
PTFE (Teflon)